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From My Clients

I’ve been to many massage establishments and can honestly say Holly is the best. She is on time, professional, and very knowledgeable about your bodies needs. I started going to her a couple of years ago and will continue to go for years to come. My life has improved greatly due to Holly. I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality massage.
– Dave K. 4/19

I see Holly for a monthly massage. I’ve lived in Flagstaff for over thirty years and she is the first and only Therapist that I have connected with, trust, and highly recommend! She provides an individualized therapeutic massage based on her assessment of varying needs with each session. Holly is not complacent with her massages, regardless of how long and how often you meet with her. I particularly appreciative of how she alleviated my jaw discomfort. I was evaluated and treated by a dentist as well as an oral surgeon. Holly was the only professional to provide relief with myofascial release. At this point, I no longer consider my regular massages a “luxury” but an essential element of a life time health and wellness program for which Holly is an indispensable component! In addition to her professionalism, she is warm, kind, and fully intuitive to your emotions and needs. Thank you Holly!
– Lisa H  1/19

Holly Stone has been my massage therapist for quite a few years. Not only is she personable and charming, she is an excellent therapist, sensitive and strong, aware of my body’s needs, and well educated in techniques that have enabled me to function well through a difficult illness and ongoing fibromyalgia. Thank you, Holly!
– Lisa A. M.

For a year now I have been going to Holly for a weekly massage. It is very relaxing, and it has helped relieve the pain in my shoulder. Holly is very knowledgeable, experienced, and charming. You will benefit greatly from her massages.
– E.M.H.

I am very thankful to have available such a professional Massage Therapist as Holly Stone! To assist me with my wellness program, I established an ongoing monthly appointment for Neuromuscular Massage with Holly almost five year’s ago. That routine continues today because of the qualities she brings to each appointment. First and foremost is her skill set (which she builds on through continuing education in her field). Second is her wonderful approach toward her clients. She cares about the client’s well-being in a holistic fashion, from establishing what treatment regimen will be most effective for each session to knowing what background comforts are the best (be it the music or temperature of the room). If you have need of a professional massage therapist I would urge you to consider Holly.
– Don 12/08

I’ve been seeing Holly for about three years now. She had an opening at the East Flagstaff Athletic Club one morning so I decided to take the appointment. I am so thankful that she had the opening that day and I was able to see her ! I have had fibromyalgia for almost 9 years now and I ’ ve tried all sorts of diets, supplements, exercise programs – you name it. Holly has the gift, training and gives the special personal attention to her clients that really brings healing. Her knowledge of massage techniques has helped me immensely. One particular visit I had vertigo so badly I couldn ’ t walk in a straight line – when I left I was no longer dizzy – and the vertigo didn ’ t return . I don ’ t think of my hour of time with her as being an extra “ treat ” but a definite part of my wellness program that keeps me healthy. I highly recommend you give her a call to help with whatever physical needs you may have.
– C. Lewis

How often do you actually listen to what your body is saying about what it needs? Fortunately, way back in 2001 I listened to my sick body and started bi-monthly massages with Holly Stone. My pain level was at an all time high. In 1997, I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a disease that causes constant muscle pain. I was on pain medication, but it only dulled the constant pain. Holly, was working at a beauty salon at the time and my hair dresser recommended her massages to me. At first, massages caused me to be in even worse pain. Thank goodness, Holly, listened to me and adjusted her pressure and technique accordingly. As the time passed, I know longer came home from a day on the massage table with more pain, but I actually have reduced pain and a feeling of tranquility after each session. Because I was having such success with massage therapy, I now have an hour and half massage every two weeks. I still have fibromyalgia but massages make it much more manageable.

Additionally, I also suffer from type 2 diabetes. The massages often lower my blood sugar numbers and helps me deal with my high stress level. Stress is an enemy to anyone with diabetes or fibromyalgia, but massage therapy controls my level of tension.

Since Holly Stone is trained in many therapies, she has helped me deal with other side effects from my chronic illnesses. For example, TMJ (jaw pain), shoulder pain and back pain. I have learned that an investment in massages is an investment in my health and my longevity. Oh, by the way, I just turned 60 years old and have been told over and over again how much younger I look—do you think it could be a result of massage therapy? Try it and find out.
– Rene e’ A. Menard

I am very hard on my body and need it to perform when the time comes. I play many sports and referee a couple as well. The sports I play tend to wreck havoc on my neck and back, and the tension and stress of calling a sports match tends to show in my neck and shoulders as well. Not to mention being a student with a large backpack leaning over a desk all day. As a result of this tension and stress, I have had anissue of debilitating migraines for the past couple of years. My migraines can be so bad that I lay in bed all day and cannot function. The only relief I’ve found from these issues are a deep tissue massage. However not all masages are equal. I have tried several massage therapists and few of them could get the migraines to disappear for long. Holly Stone is by far the best. She has been able to get rid of my migraines for months at a time. She even got knots that I have had for years to release. Holly is a great massage therapist and an extremely nice person. I would recommend her to all my friends.
– Amanda Stalvey

By Renee’ A. Menard
When economic times are bad, stress is high! Stress plays havoc on your immune system, allowing you to be susceptible to illness. Perhaps, sending you to the doctor requiring large sums of money.

Massages are not only for the affluent! “According to a 2007 survey by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), based in Evanston, Ill., nearly 24 percent of those surveyed said they received a massage at least once in the previous year, up from 8 percent in 1997. Surprisingly, the group that was most likely to get one for medical or health reasons (at 46 percent) earned less than $25,000 per year.” (Arthritis Today)

Easing stress and promoting circulation, massages help every part of your body and mind. By doing something positive for yourself during hard times, it helps you face everyday problems. Do not go it alone call Holly for expert physical and emotional support NOW!

It was good to see you after such a long time. I’m so glad I had already scheduled,..what i thought was to be a relaxing massage, after a long plane ride. Little did I know, that I would come to you after having fallin and experiencing some pain. After my first visit to see you, I had some relief. After two more sessions with you, I was able to fly home almost pain free!

Thank you- stay in touch- take care

-Pat- New Orleans