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Holly Stone, owner and operator, specializes in the whole body structural work of myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and neuromuscular therapy.

“I am so grateful to have picked a career that I love and enjoy. Each day brings new challenges as I endeavor to help great people of all ages to achieve an active balanced lifestyle.”

Holly Stone

helping active people of all ages

I have been studying Myofascial Release with John Barnes P.T. since 2002 and have found this structural work to be very effective in helping my clients through long standing issues toward injury recovery.

Living and working in Flagstaff for over 30 years has been interesting and rewarding as I assist unique individuals with different goals – what a privilege to do this every day! If you see me hiking or biking on the trails in the area, please introduce yourself and say hello. I work hard, play hard and enjoy every moment in life!

Agassiz Massage is located in the beautiful mountains of northern Arizona. Flagstaff is a healthy atmosphere at 7,000 feet above sea level. Athletes from all over the world come here to train. Holly Stone strives to help active people of all ages toward their goals of high-altitude training.

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Massage Types

Fascial Cranial Sacral

The John Barnes PT style of Myofascial Release to increase physiologic function, decrease headaches, enhance cognition, ease sinus and TMJ pain.

Myofascial Release

The gentle application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions is safe and consistently effective in producing lasting results.

Intra-Oral Techniques

Extensive and advanced work on the muscles of the jaw and inside the mouth are highly effective in releasing tension in the jaw , neck, and head areas.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Applying pressure to specific points within the bellies and tendons of muscles that enable the whole muscle to relax and return to a healthy state.

Advanced Sports Massage

An in-depth combination of advanced massage techniques combined with stretching, strength training, and hydro-therapy.

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy

The natural minerals provide gentle exfoliation on the skin, promotes deep relaxation, balances the negative and positive ions, and more.

Agassiz Massage

Helping unique individuals with different goals

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